Alexa Ranking

Well, today was a big day for eSelfHelp. My Alexa rank broke the top 100,000, and I have a real graph now!

I’m still trying to figure out where the traffic is coming from, because my server stats are always one day behind. Also, I haven’t figured out how to upload a site map to Google, so I can only be found on Yahoo as of yet. Considering I haven’t even put the word out yet to all of the people I know, I am super-excited that the site is getting such good exposure so early in the game! Add to Technorati Favorites
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4 Comments on “Alexa Ranking”

  1. Q... Says:

    Did you find that your site numbers jumped when you added the blog?

  2. eMom Says:

    Regina, you may be surprised to hear this, but the ONLY thing I am doing on eMoms is blogging. I have as of yet done NO self promotion whatsoever. That being said, I have put some tools in place to be sure that the blog is visible - I have claimed my blogs on Technorati, signed up for free with FeedBurner to make it easy for people to subscribe to the content, listed the site with blog directories, but that is about it. Well, I would also add that participating in the blogging community has helped tremendously, specifically the LinkedIn Bloggers Yahoo Group. I guess that kind of counts as self promotion. :)

    It’s pretty much the same with eSelfHelp, but on that site, I also have a very large personal network of people interested in that kind of content. So if I put the word out to them about new content or a promotion, my numbers jump automatically. My SEO rankings really stink on that site, to be honest!

  3. The Insurance Guy Says:

    SEO is an art learnt through studying, practice, and testing. It takes time and patience but in the end it will yield results. Good alexa and such are the fruits of successful SEO.

  4. The Insurance Guy Says:

    Dont worry too much about Google. They will come around in time. They place more value on links than the other two. I guess that’s to alleviate “Black Hating”.

    PS: I am a SEO newbie but manage to come across as learned. hehehe