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I’m super lucky to work with a phenomenal coach. I wish I could link to him but he doesn’t have a web site - something I am bugging him about because he is losing business because of it. Regardless, I sent him a huge list of all the things I want in my life - but most of all I want to create a road map for my business to ensure I know where I am going and how I am going to get there.

We’ve all heard a lot of cliches about goals - but many of us still focus on what we don’t want. I have found, from direct experience, that focusing in this direction completely works against me. It’s like getting into a cab in Chicago, and saying, “I don’t want to go to the Sears Tower”. What’s a poor cabby to do? In fact, if he must drive, since all he has heard is “Sears Tower”, which direction do you think he is going to head? Yep.

I choose to use a coach because I love having someone besides me to be accountable to, because it helps me to stay focused and because this one in particular is extraordinarily talented at getting past any of the conscious and unconscious blocks that I have to my ultimate success. It’s one of the best investments I could ever make in myself and in my business.

So I have one huge goal before my next coaching session. 1-To come up with an action plan to map out and complete all of the content on by the end of May. Considering that is well over 100 pages of content, I am definitely stretching myelf. Stretching is good.

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