Taking the Plunge

Today I had the talk with my company about my need to leave the position. It went perfectly - as of Monday I will be working for them 10-20 hours per week at home until they are able to replace me. It will take them 2-3 months to do that, as Online Business Development isn’t an easy position to fill. Until then, I have a steady stream of income, and by not paying day care anymore ($1500/month), I’ll be close to breaking even. Best of all I get more time to work on my passion - eMomsatHome.com and eSelfHelp.com.

I’m taking a huge risk here, as we just bought our big dream house in Februrary and we just started renting out our first property as landlords. I had been afraid to take the plunge in the face of so much uncertainty. I was letting myself make excuses for settling for less in my life so that I could have some certainty. But my belief in what I am doing with these sites has inspired me to make some radical decisions:

  • I will not indulge in any negative, self-defeating thoughts of lack or insecurity. Period.
  • I will no longer stand for unhealthy environments in my life. My environment now wholly supports my focus to create a life-changing destination on the web.
  • I will hold myself to actions that are at all times consistent with high standards of integrity.
  • I will move forward towards my dreams even though I am afraid - terrified at times, in fact!
  • With 2 web sites and blogs, I am now publicly publishing my commitment to deliver extraordinary content and value to the individuals who come to these sites.

And now you have my full permission to hold me to that commitment!

And hopefully one or two of you might be inspired to make some of your own decisions about launching your own business. Let me know if I can help!


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