Launching eMoms at Home

I have been working on this site for a month in my head, and on for the last 3 months. I am hoping that this is the week that I am able to give notice at my very un-satisfying office job. I had a premonition in January I wouldn’t be there come May, and I’m going to stick to that.

I wasn’t sure even 5 months ago that I wanted to work for myself again. It’s sometimes hard when there is nobody to be accountable to besides myself. And I made a lot of mistakes in my first two businesses that I really don’t want to repeat. Also, the uncertainty of cash flow can be stressful, and sometimes downright awful.

With eSelfHelp, I know this time around that this site is something I was born to do. And I started eMoms at Home to have a place to make use of all of the research I am putting into the eSelfHelp start-up process. I have had to research blogging options, find an easy way to throw up a web site, compare hosting companies, and live and breathe online marketing. I know if I needed all of this info, someone else will too!

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