Super Bowl Secrets to Blogging Like a Champion

Posted February 5th, 2007 by Wendy Piersall

Chicago will ALWAYS love Da Bears!

You know, I’ve never really been into football. I was a total fair-weathered fan of Da Bears this year. But as the Super Bowl approached, I found some surprising depth and respect for this game I had shunned for 38+ years.

Can Peyton, Rex and the rest of these boys teach us a thing or two about blogging?

You bet.

  1. Always start out with a Bang!

    Wow, that first Bears play ROCKED! A touchdown on the kickoff - I think it was a Super Bowl first.

    It was also a lesson in headlines - always, always ALWAYS take the time to write a great headline. A few months back, two blog posts with the same content went up against each other head to head on Digg, I believe. One made it to the front page. The other went nowhere. The only difference? The headline.

    By the way, I frequently visit Brian’s Headline Templates when I get stuck. And I am starting up my own swipe file, just because this is such a critical component to blogging success.

  2. Get your head in the game

    That first kickoff immediately got into the heads of the Colts (sadly it didn’t stay in their heads, but that’s another story…). In the next two plays, they were called on false starts - they were nervous and jittery.

    If your head isn’t in the blogging game, you’ll be worse off than that. There are too many talented bloggers out here who write from their hearts and with passion.

    If you can’t write with passion, you might as well stay on the bench. You can’t compete in the big game if you don’t love the sport.

  3. Pray for Rain

    That dang slippery ball was all over the field yesterday. I lost track of the interceptions and turnovers in the first quarter.

    But no matter what, the Colts were able to turn it to their advantage.

    For new bloggers, keep posting, keep networking, keep doing the little things you KNOW you need to do to make your blog successful. If you let the rain stop you, you give up your chance at winning.

    No matter what happens with your blog, it will only succeed if you take the lemons and make lemonade - the strategy that enabled the Colts to win (dang it, anyway…)!

  4. Give a little *Luv*

    What would a Super Bowl be without expensive commercials? Coke put togther an interesting and inspiring little animated piece about sharing the love.

    It was set to the tune of “Give a little love and it all comes back to you” - a jingle with heavy blogging implications.

    ‘Round here we call it “Link Love“. And if you spread it massively, eventually, it comes back.


  5. BE someone

    In the pre-game show, CBS put together a clip on Chicago’s beloved “Sweetness”, Walter Payton.Walter’s greatness certainly came from his talent for the game. But he became a legend because of who he was as a person.

    A blog isn’t remembered so much by the individual posts. What makes or breaks a blog is how the person behind the blog shows up.

    Sweetness is still making an impact on Chicago, and he’s been gone for 7 years.

    How are you making an impact with your blog? How do you show up?

  6. Consistency wins the game

    You should have seen poor Rex Grossman in the after-game press conference. The media ate him alive - and his face showed it.

    Although he’s young, Rex is also a gifted player, in his skills and in his willingness to learn. He knows he played a bit inconsistently this year (and a gazillion people are ready to remind him of this lest you think he forgot…)
    Rex gets a beating
    Being the optimist that I am, I can cut Rex a little slack. He was consistent enough to get to the Super Bowl. An accomplishment in and of itself.

    But to really get to the top, he will be licking his wounds and learning from his mistakes to be consistent - and take the big game next year - WE BELIEVE IN YOU, REX!

  7. Standing the Test of Time

    I think my 12 year old looked at the TV a little cross-eyed when Prince came on for the half-time show. But the rest of us know that he is still one of the best musicians ever.

    The reason Prince was chosen is because his music has stood the test of time.

    Similarly, there are some kinds of posts that will always do well, ones that will continually draw readers, links and comments - true “Flagship Content:

    List Posts
    How To Posts
    Top 10 Posts

  8. A great mentor is your greatest asset

    Besides being a landmark Super Bowl, our two African-American coaches had something else in common - a mentoring relationship shared earlier in their careers.

    Both of these humble and extremely likable men took it all this year - in stark contrast to Ditka, who’s healthy ego was his trademark. ;)

    It’s no secret around here that I am a raving fan of Darren Rowse, blogging mentor to all of us. His work on ProBlogger has heavily influenced the fact that my blog is finally earning consistent revenue. And I’m honored to have the opportunity now to continue to pay it forward with my work here.

    My #1 blogging and business advice is to work with a coach, mentor or mastermind group - or simply read a lot of blogs to get the knowledge you need.

    I think Lovie would agree. :)

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7 Comments on “Super Bowl Secrets to Blogging Like a Champion”

  1. Brian Queenan Says:

    Pretty slick how you got to talk about the super bowl while staying on topic of your blog. ;-)

    Good post.

  2. KWiz Says:

    What an awesome post Wendy…And I agree with Brian, what a way to integrate the Super Bowl into your topic. Doing so made the post interesting and relate-able. Thanks for paying it forward!

  3. Darren Says:

    keep up the great work!

  4. Wendy Says:

    Shucks Darren - thanks for making an appearance. You definitely are Da’ Man ;)

  5. GP Says:

    Wow, as an ultrarunner and endurance horse rider… I ‘m always seeing the analogies and parallels between what we get out of sport, and how that transfers to our businesses and blogging…
    When i get on a “jag” as I call them, whether it was remodeling and opening our bed and breakfast, or targeting a “key race”… tenacity, is it.
    I have a mentor for my endurance riding… biz mentors are important to…

    To consistency, passion in the game of life
    GP in Montana

  6. shackk Says:

    Good information, since I am a true Bears fan and new blog starter I could easily relate and put some of these tools to work.


  7. Shawna R. B. Atteberry Says:

    Great post, and I found you through Darren’s Speedlinking. I loved the way you took what happened in the Superbowl and made it so applicable to blogging.