MVPs for Friday December 15th

Ah, Friday. SO glad it’s Friday. :)

Many of you bloggers are posting lightly lately, and no wonder :: I think all of us are working extra hard to get everything done in the last few days before the holidays.

So here’s a good, fun mixup of Most Valuable Posts for this week:

Suzanne Reisman reminds us that it is the time of year that the blues might come for a visit. Between holiday stress, short and gloomy days, and precious little time for ourselves, depression can kick in and hit hard between now and February.

Remember, at this time of year, we really don’t feel like doing the things we need to do to stay happy and healthy. It’s up to us to stay on top of self-love by consciously planning for “Me-Time”, getting out of the house with friends, and maintaining inspiration through meditation, reflection, and reading. Don’t wait until you feel like doing something nice for yourself - be proactive about caring for #1 - YOU!

For an amusing take on avoiding parental burnout, check out this post from Inside Fatherhood. My favorite? You scream at the kids to shutup cause you can’t hear the movie Over the Hedge. LOL!

And finally, Darren over at ProBlogger is gearing up for the next Group Writing Project, which ALWAYS is a fun, communal way to get lots of link of and traffic. Be sure to participate when it happens!

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