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The Great Outdoors Scavenger Hunt


It is such a beautiful day today that I sat with my baby in the backyard taking it all in. Definitely one of the pros of working from home! While we played on the blanket, I decided to brainstorm about today’s kid activity. I knew I wanted to write about an outdoor scavenger hunt, but I wanted to see if I’d be able to find things outside that began with each letter of the alphabet. I’m always trying to find Likeable Learning opportunities!

Before I share what I came up with, I want to say that scavenger hunts are a big hit with kids of every age! I even enjoyed finding things by myself; my eight-month-old wasn’t much help. Well, I shouldn’t say that. She did eat grass, so I guess she helped me find something that began with the letter “G.”


Another way to make this activity fun for kids is to give them a disposable camera to take a picture of each thing they find. Don’t worry that these cameras usually have the capacity to take 24 pictures and there are 26 letters in the alphabet, if you’re like me you may fall short on a couple letters! Then you can develop the photos and create your own alphabet book.

Here’s what I was able to find just looking around my yard:

A – ant, acorn

B – butterfly, bird, bee

C – caterpillar, clover

D – driveway, dog

E – evergreen tree

F – flowers, foliage

G – grass, geraniums (Yes, still. Haven’t bought the mums yet.)

H – hammock, hose

I – insects (too many of those!)

J – jump rope, junk (unfortunately!)

K – kite, kickball

L – leaves, lawn chair

M – mailbox, mulch

N – noises (I know, I didn’t see these, but they were there!)

O – oak tree

P – patio, pool (No, we don’t have a pool, but our neighbors do!)

Q – quality time with my kid! (Okay, I couldn’t find a Q object.)

R – robin, rotting wood (very pleasant)

S – sprinkler, swing set

T – tent, trees

U – unusual shaped leaf (You have to be creative!)

V – vine, vinyl siding

W – wood

Y – Y-shaped twig

Z – I got nothin’ but you may have zinnias!

Good luck on your Great Outdoors Scavenger Hunt!

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    On September 21st, 2007 at 2:38 pm, Erika Jurney, Plain Jane Mom said:

    Z - Ziggurat!

    What a fun game — I’ll have to try this this weekend with the boys :)

    On October 13th, 2007 at 1:35 pm, Lora said:

    Love it! The idea and Turbo Tot too!

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