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Backyard Birthday Party Games: Part Three


Okay, I promise this is the last post about my daughter’s birthday party! I even debated writing the third part, but how could I not share the best event of all! That and it would just bug me. I hate leaving things unfinished. So, here they are, the last events of the Olympic Games backyard birthday party!

Event #7: Freeze Dance

All you need for this event is a CD player and a fun dance CD. Since I had 14 girls ranging in age from 7 to 11, we of course played this one! This game is a combination of musical chairs and frozen statues. When the music is playing, each kid does their craziest dance moves. But they must stop immediately when the music stops! If anyone is caught moving, they are out of the game. Since we were playing with teams, the last person standing won for their respective team. To keep them on their toes (literally sometimes!) I kept turning the music off at different parts of the song. Usually during the chorus when they really liked to strut their stuff!

Event #8: Balloon Tag

For this event, you need to blow up a balloon for each child and tie a piece of yarn to it. The point of the game is for each child to try and pop their opponents’ balloons while protecting their own. To make it competitive, everyone has to hold onto their balloon’s string low enough so the balloon drags on the ground. This way it’s easier to step on and pop! This is a crazy, free for all, but very entertaining!

Event #9: Pony Express Relay

I did need to get some things for this event, but it was definitely worth the effort! You need two cowboy hats, two stick horses, two beach balls, and two tote bags. (I used the kids’ school bags.) Each kid takes a turn in the relay race pretending they have to deliver the mail. But, instead of the challenges of snow, sleet or rain, they need to carry their mail bag, ride their horse, and wear their hat, all while holding a beach ball between their knees! If they drop the ball, they have to stop and get it into position again before they can continue on their “route.” This event was truly hilarious and a lot of fun!

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But the most hilarious and fun event of the whole day was (insert drumroll here):

Event #10: The Clothes Relay

For this event, you need two sets of clothes, with one piece of clothing for all but one child on each team. Since we had two teams of seven kids, we needed six items of clothing for each team. We used hats, scarves, gloves, t-shirts, sweatshirts and shorts. The fact that the shirts, shorts and sweatshirts were my hubby’s definitely made this event more funny! We put each set of clothing at the opposite end of the yard by the orange cone. The relay started with one person from each team running to the pile of clothes and picking ONE item to put on. Once they put the item on, they ran back to their team and the next child did the same thing. Once the sixth child on each team ran back with their item of clothing on, the whole team then had to take their item off and dress the last person on the team with all the clothing items. Then once the last team member was fully dressed, she had to run back to the orange cone. So so funny!!! The sight of my daughters running with all those clothes on was worth the hours and hours I spent planning this party!

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In true Olympic fashion, we had a medal ceremony after the events. In true mommy fashion, every child received a gold-ish medal!

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    On October 10th, 2007 at 7:39 pm, DAD said:

    Wow Fun!

    I know that was alot of work for you but what memories they will have.
    Love DAD

    On October 13th, 2007 at 1:19 pm, Lora said:

    I missed the pony express! I must have been inside doing the bracelets. That looked cute!

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