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Indoor Games: Scavenger Hunt for Kids


My kids love to play outside. They’re always running around looking for nature’s treasures to use in elaborate games they make up with the neighborhood kids. Everyday is one big outdoor scavenger hunt. So even on the days the weather is lousy, they plead to go outside. As tempting as it is to have the house quiet for awhile, I draw the line at letting them play outside in the freezing rain. (Okay, I did let them once, but I regretted it!) So when they can’t play outside, I bring out the indoor game Scavenger Hunt for Kids.


They absolutely love this game! The way it works is this. One player chooses six object cards and places them on the board. Then that player turns over the timer and all the players have two minutes to find the objects pictured on the cards. The objects kids are asked to find include a flashlight, pillow, canned food, belt, dental floss, sock, crayon, envelope, calculator, band-aid, and picture book. When the time is up, each player returns to the board. For every item a player found, they move their pawn forward one space on the board. This continues for three more rounds.

After kids have looked for objects in the indoor scavenger hunt for four rounds, it’s time for the cleanup round of the game. (The manufacturers knew parents wouldn’t buy a game that involved collecting objects from all over the house without returning them to their proper place!) This round motivates kids to put their objects back where they found them because they get rewarded for it by being able to move their pawn closer to the finish line. The winner gets to the finish line first.

So on those days when your kids are itching to play outside, but the weather isn’t cooperating, bring the fun indoors with the Scavenger Hunt for Kids game!

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