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Friday Distractions :: 6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Read My Blog


I have a long to do list today to wrap up the week. The good news is that I have a ton of crap to get done before I head out to speak at the BlogWorldExpo (I’m so last minute - yes, you can thank me in person for that).

The ‘meh’ news is that I am feeling rather ‘meh’ today about work. :|

So go and read these 6 posts on the rest of eMoms at today. Why?

Because our authors ROCK.

  1. Amanda Soule's Amazing WorkspaceLisa’s Crafting Heroes Interview series is just amazing. Check out Crafting Heroes Interview with Amanda Soule; Textile Artist, Author, & Crafty Mom!, and DROOL over the pictures of this woman’s studio - holy crap!
  2. Megan throws down the gauntlet for her troll commenter with Challenging my eBay Skills? I Love a Challenge.
  3. Tamara writes one of my favorite Freelance Parent posts ever with Give Your Freelance Business a Professional Make-Over
  4. Derek talks about getting nasty letters from the principal for taking a vacation - oh, don’t get me started!
  5. Poor Shannon was writing constantly to gear up for Halloween & she’s taking a well-deserved rest now, but bookmark her Top Ten Halloween Kid Activities for next year!
  6. Movie Party at Erika's!!And last but certainly not least, Erika is running a seriously killer contest to Win a Supreme Movie Birthday Party Blowout Package! All you have to do is link to eMoms at Home with 50 links using the anchor text “home business” - KIDDING!!! TOTALLY KIDDING!!! (Watch me get dropped from Google for that!)
    [Seriously, all you need to do to enter Erika’s contests is leave a comment!]
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    On November 2nd, 2007 at 11:57 am, David Airey said:

    Hi Wendy,

    It’s a good thing you said you were kidding twice, because only once might’ve given the impression that you weren’t. We’re all having to cover our backs these days eh?

    That’s great you’re speaking at the Blog World Expo, and makes me even sadder that I’m not able to make it.

    Still, a month in India will help ease the pain. Yeet!

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