Business Schools Target Stay-At-Home Moms

Posted June 14th, 2006 by Wendy Piersall

Wow. I’m GLAD to see this topic get such great exposure. ReEntering the workforce after having kids is a hugely important discussion that needs to happen on a national - if not global scale. 

“Seeking to tap a pool of professionals who are of increasing interest to employers, Harvard, Dartmouth and other graduate business programs are launching executive-education courses geared toward women who have put their careers on hold to raise families and are ready to return to the professional world. The new courses aim to help women overcome the big gaps in their resumes with job-seeking strategies, and also to help bring them up-to-date on changes in their fields while they were gone.” Read the full article here. (And thanks to Elana’s FunnyBusiness Blog for pointing me to the article in the first place!)

I was able to fairly easily reEnter the workforce by doing exactly what I am doing now - by staying active in my career and the business community, and by keeping my skills up to date by running a home-based business while my kids were small. I had no gaps on my resume, was able to point to some great successes while I was working for myself, and was also able to apply what I learned during those 4 years to my new position. Most of all, it made me a more valuable employee because I had certainly learned how to keep myself motivated by being in a home office environment for so long!


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