Problems with Technorati Lately?

Posted August 4th, 2006 by Wendy Piersall

Ever since Technorati rolled out their very pretty redesign, they stopped responding to my pings. Every day I went there, and every day it got worse…

“Updated 1 days ago”
“Updated 2 days ago”
“Updated 3 days ago”
“Updated 4 days ago”… I start pinging them manually…
“Updated 5 days ago”… I comb their Support FAQ’s, thinking perhaps maybe, just maybe, they have ADDED a “Q” to explain why they aren’t indexing my prolific posts for the week.
“Updated 6 days ago”… I’m tempted to write Tech Support
“Updated 7 days ago”… I start pinging them incessantly ………
“Updated 8 days ago”… I cave in and actually fill out the form and send it to Tech Support

I should have done it so much sooner. They got back to me right away - within a couple of hours. They fixed the problem on their end easily and immediately (gotta love them for that!).

Meanwhile I lost out on a week’s worth of traffic from my top referrer. Silly me. I have been learning to speak up a lot more lately (more on this to come). But for now, my lesson learned :: ask for help early and often.

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9 Comments on “Problems with Technorati Lately?”

  1. Blog Bloke Says:

    Hi Wendy. If Technorati spent as much time getting rid of the bugs that it does on design we would all be further ahead. Cheers!

  2. Marti Says:

    I’ve been having the same problem, I filled out a support ticket but haven’t heard back from them. I’m going to have to call them next. There about 7 days behind on mine.

  3. eMom Says:

    Strange you haven’t heard back from them - I literally heard back within hours. I was watching with baited breath this morning, because it said I hadn’t updated in 2 days when I updated last night. But I’m back on track again with my my recent post this a.m. showing up just fine. Good luck!! :)

  4. Robert Says:

    I have only received an automated reply from Technorati. I, like others here, have had the same problem - feed was picked up fine by Technorati, switched to Feedburner and my feed has not been updated since.

    I have submitted requests four different times, and no one at Technorati has responded.

  5. eMom Says:

    That’s strange on the FeedBurner thing Robert. I have used FeedBurner since I launched my blog (they are a Chicago company so I’m always tootin’ their horn). Did you try heading over to the FeedBurner forums and doing a search on Technorati? The FB staff monitors those boards 7 days a week and they are so darn helpful. :)

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  7. Wholesomedick Says:

    My LiveJournal hasn’t been updated on technorati in 318 days now. :)

    They never responded to my support tickets. :(

  8. eMom Says:

    Methinks it might have something to do with your blog name, Mr WD. :)

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