Getting a Website Up and Running

Posted May 27th, 2006 by Wendy Piersall

I’m back online after an 8-day internet outage courtesy of Comcast. I’m just grateful to be back! 

I have taken a bit of a hiatus from doing my affiliate marketing research in order to get eSelfHelp up and running. I have found some great content resources that are helping tremendously to add valuable articles to the site:

Although I tend to hate spyware, I have to say that my Alexa Toolbar has been an invaluable research assistant when it comes to finding related sites. I visit a site, and immediately there are 3-4 similar sites to visit right there in my toolbar. Now that’s handy!(And I don’t know that I would put Alexa totally into the spyware category anyway. They certainly don’t go serving up ads or anything like that…)

Also, the most valuable site of the week goes to - a directory of free WIFI sites all over the world. When I had a deadline and Comcast let me down, AnchorFree SAVED my behind!

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