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Valentine’s Day Idea: Heart Mobile Decoration


I love decorating for the holidays, especially with decorations made by my kids. So if you’re like me and looking for Valentine’s Day ideas, here’s how to make a valentine heart mobile decoration with your kids. This Valentine’s Day idea is fun, simple and can be made with items you probably have around the house already.

Valentine Heart Mobile Decoration

Here’s What You Need to Make a Valentine Heart Mobile Decoration:

  • Red, pink and purple construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Yarn

Here’s How You Make a Valentine Heart Mobile Decoration:

1. Cut out a heart from the construction paper to use as a template. It’s important to use a template because the hearts need to be the same size. We created a heart template about 3-4 inches wide.

2. Using the heart template, cut out eight additional hearts so you have a total of nine hearts. We chose to use three pink hearts, three red hearts and three purple hearts.

Valentine Heart Mobile Decoration

3. Fold all of the hearts in half, lengthwise, and set aside with folded crease facing upwards.

4. Take one heart and put glue all over the side with the folded crease facing upwards. We started with a pink heart.

Valentine Heart Mobile Decoration

5. Take a second folded heart and press half of it to the first heart with glue on it. We used a purple heart for this.

Valentine Heart Mobile Decoration

6. Take a third folded heart and press half of it to the first heart with glue on it. We used a red heart for this. At this point, you should have one three dimensional heart with two sides unglued. Leave these sides unglued until it’s time to insert the yarn.

Valentine Heart Mobile Decoration

7. Repeat steps 4, 5 and 6 two more times so you have a total of three sets of hearts.

8. Lay all three sets of hearts in a vertical line with the unglued sides facing upwards.

9. Insert the yarn between the unglued sides of each three dimensional heart.

Valentine Heart Mobile Decoration

10. Glue the remaining sides together to secure the yarn in place.

While I know that seems like a lot of steps, it really is an easy craft. It was much harder for me to describe how to make this valentine heart mobile decoration than it was to actually make the mobile! The entire craft took less than 30 minutes to make. If you’re looking for more really quick Valentine’s Day ideas, check out painted heart valentines and valentine heart magnets.

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