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Valentine’s Day Idea: Heart Magnets


A couple years ago my daughter’s classroom teacher asked if I would come in and do a Valentine’s Day craft with the kids.

“Of course!” I answer, while quickly thinking of various Valentine’s Day ideas.

What I can do with 20 four and five-year-olds that won’t be a total disaster?

I needed a Valentine’s Day idea that was fun and festive, but more importantly . . . simple! So I went to my local arts and crafts store and found the perfect idea! I decided to have them decorate valentine heart magnets. No cutting . . . no glueing . . . no problem!

Valentine Heart Magnet

Here’s What You Need to Make Valentine Heart Magnets:

  • Flat, wooden hearts (These are ridiculously inexpensive!)
  • Magnets with adhesive (Just peel and stick!)
  • Red, white and pink washable paint
  • Paint brushes

Here’s How to Make Valentine Heart Magnets:

1. Stick a magnet to one side of the wooden heart.

2. Paint the other side of the magnet.

3. Let dry.

Does it get any simpler than that? This Valentine’s Day idea is fun to do with your kids and ideal to do with a classroom of kids! If you also need to bring in a Valentine’s Day treat, I recommend Rice Krispie Valentine Treats or Jello Valentine Hearts.

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