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Thanks for Participating!

Alas, all good things must come to an end. Thanks to all of the wonderful moms who participated in the BlogJolt over the 10 months we spent together. Feel free to visit the great mom blogs below!

BlogJolt XXVIII - Darlene’s Mom-Defrazzler Blog

Mom DefrazzlerThis week’s BlogJolt is the “Mom-Defrazzler” blog: all about making life easier for moms, baby-step by baby-step. Each month we tackle a single area of life for moms and walk through it together.

This month there is a new and different project. Darlene is conducting a one-month challenge to all moms to make a difference in the lives of mothers in third-world, poverty and AIDS-stricken countries. She has something for every time and financial constraint (less than one minute, and $0 up to long-term financial and time commitments).

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