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BlogJolt XVIII - Babylune: The First Phase of New Motherhood

BabyLuneIt’s Kate’s, Babylune: The First Phase of New Motherhood is an information resource for women recovering from childbirth. Kate says,

The blog isn’t usually about baby care. It’s about mother care. I’ve covered topics from weight loss to hemorroids, from breast feeding to feelings of isolation. It is my goal to inspire every new mother to do one thing for her own health and well being every day.

Things are getting busy for everyone — It’s not just Christmas, but with the end of the year, it’s crunch-time for all those goals we meant to accomplish this year. And because BlogJolt is supposed to help us — not make us crazy with another responsibility — this BlogJolt will run from now until December 28th. And I think you’ll want to take the time to visit Babylune and say Hi! to Kate.