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BlogJolt I - Sarah Zeldman’s Blog

Our first BlogJolt launches with Sarah Zeldman’s Blog as our Target Blog for the week.

Sarah ZeldmanSarah is a Life & Business Coach who calls herself a Personal Solutions Hunter. Her blog has a wide variety of topics that I believe nearly everyone on the list will be able to talk about. She also has a Free Busy Mom’s Stress Relief Kit which I must admit looks awfully intriguing… :)

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Launching eMoms BlogJolt!

Here we go! Inspired by the success of the LinkedIn Bloggers Group, I have decided to launch another group dedicated to Jolting the Traffic of Mom Blogs Everywhere. Of course, you don’t have to be a mom to join - just write about content that would be of general interest to moms.

Check back here for updates, blogging tips, and to get the latest on our weekly BlogJolts. What is a BlogJolt you ask? Check out our FAQs! :)