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The DayJobKiller will Also Kill Your Reputation


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I got an email the other day from a prominent affiliate marketer, promoting the DayJobKiller eBook. She mentioned that the tactics weren’t exactly above board, but that they would indeed work.

Then I ran across this over at Brian’s blog, The Truth About Internet Marketing. He trashed the thing.

I was glad I didn’t spend the $77.

So I dropped Brian a line, and we swapped some emails. He gave me an overview of what the book is about - and unless you want to get banned by AdWords and tick off a good portion of the IM community, skip it.

There are way better ways to make money online - ones that actually would allow you to sleep at night, too.

Thanks for the tip, Brian. :)

PS: For Affiliate Marketing help, a product I have actually heard great things about is the Ultimate Wealth Package. I’m off to purchase it promptly. Review forthcoming. ;)

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    On February 16th, 2007 at 11:35 am, Brian Queenan said:

    Hi Wendy,

    I’m the author of that post. Thanks for the mention. Here’s the full URL to the post.


    On February 16th, 2007 at 2:05 pm, Maki said:

    I actually just got a copy of dayjobkiller a few days ago but haven’t got the time to read it. Will be reading it this weekend to see how bad it is.

    I liked Affiliate Project X and so I bought DJK. Hmm…

    On February 16th, 2007 at 2:33 pm, Dan and Jennifer said:

    Hey Wendy,

    Since we’re talking about Day Job Killer, I just had to bring up Steve Pavlina’s excellent Top 10 Reasons You Shoud NEVER Get a Job!

    Very insightful as most of Steve’s stuff, but not for the timid. :-)

    Have an awesome day!

    On February 16th, 2007 at 6:33 pm, Matt Keegan said:

    I am glad you didn’t waste your $77 on what is likely not worth reading. I amazed at the number of people who drift to such schemes. I wonder how they live with themselves?

    On February 16th, 2007 at 9:15 pm, Renée said:

    I’m always wary about this kind of sale tactics (adwords arbitrage in particular). Every time I read those sales page, it smells too fishy for me to buy into their crap.

    Wendy, it’s $97 from what I see on the sale page. And thanks for writing about this, so innocent people won’t have to waste time and money (I believe it’s refundable since it’s via clickbank).

    On February 16th, 2007 at 9:42 pm, Wendy said:

    Renee, I agree that it can be a sketchy industry. But in the internet marketing business, those long sales pages are indeed ok, as long as they are selling a great product, of course. I blogged about them once myself, when I broke down and wrote one for a coaching course I ran earlier this year.

    It always comes down to doing your homework. :)

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