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Free and Festive Christmas Activity: Christmas Lights!


It’s so easy to get caught up in all the holiday tasks this time of year and miss out on the fun! So hop in the car one night and drive around to look at all the beautiful Christmas lights. It’s always fun to see how different homes decorate for the holidays. While we stick to white candles in the windows and white lights on the bushes, our neighbor across the street decks the halls with aluminum trees, three foot candy canes, light arches that go across his driveway and thousands of lights! Not only do we love having a front row seat for the extravagant Christmas light display, our local electric company loves it too!

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We also like to go downtown and see the Christmas Lights in the Park exhibit. While it costs $10 per car, the money goes to charity and it’s well worth the price! We turn the radio to Christmas music and drive slowly through a holiday wonderland of lights.

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So take a break from the Christmas shopping, menu planning, and wrapping and go look at some Christmas lights!

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    On December 14th, 2007 at 1:25 am, Samantha said:

    This is MY favorite one! This blog is great! I will check back for more crafts. :-)

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