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Christmas Activities: Santa Letters


Today my girls wrote their letters to Santa. This is one of my favorite Christmas activities! I love how they sit at the kitchen table and use their best handwriting to politely ask Santa for a few of the things on their wish list. My girls usually include a poem or a drawing for Santa too. So cute!

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Then we march down the driveway and ceremoniously put their letters to Santa in the mailbox. As we walk back up the driveway, we ponder how the mail carriers can find Santa’s workshop since it’s invisible. While none of us are quite sure how Santa gets his letters, we know for certain that he does. Not only because my girls get some of the things they asked Santa for, but because he writes back!

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My girls are so excited the day their letter from Santa arrives in our mailbox! They can’t wait to read the letter Santa has written just for them! They tear open the envelope and first read the letter silently to themselves with a big grin on their faces. Then they read the letter from Santa aloud to us. We love hearing the personal attention Santa gives our girls, especially since he’s so busy this time of year. After they’ve read their letters from Santa a few times, they put their Santa letters in their stocking since it’s the first gift he gives them every year.

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So until their letter from Santa arrives, I don’t have to bother to get the mail because they always run off the school bus and go immediately to the mailbox to see if their letter from Santa has arrived!

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