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Congratulations Week 3 Contest Winners!


Well, I’m having an absolute blast celebrating my upcoming blog birthday, which is officially this upcoming Sunday the 29th. I hope you are too, because some really wonderful and generous people are giving you some really amazing prizes to celebrate the big day!!
Onto the goods:

Derrich has won a FREE copy of Uncommon AdSense by and […]

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Get Ready for Blogging and Social Media Week!


Well, I’m wrapping up Advertising and Affiliate Week, and it’s been a bit hectic - so I haven’t been able to put up as much material on these topics as I would have liked. Nonetheless, next week we’ll be talking about blogging and social media as we wrap up the eMoms Birthday Party Contest (and […]

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SEO Week Prize Giveaways - Get Your Google Juice!


Congrats to our SEO Week winners!!!

Metty won a copy of Aaron Wall’s SEO Book (It rocks!!)
Joe Hauckes won a free year of SoloSEO from Michael Jensen (I’m so jealous!!)
Gayla won a custom SEO optimized site redesign from Shazia Mistry (Gorgeous designs, too!)
Mike Thomas won a copy of Meet & Grow Rich
EVERYONE who linked […]

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SOBCon Ticket Giveaway and Advertising & Affiliate Week


We’re close to wrapping up SEO Week, about to kick off Advertising and Affiliate Week, and today we’re going to jump in and do a surprise SOBCon Ticket Giveaway courtesy of Liz Strauss!
So, if you want to be the one to win the SOBCon Ticket for May 11-12, here’s the scoop - Write up a […]

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Kicking Off SEO Week with Search Engine Guide


I mentioned earlier that next week we’ll be focusing on Search Engine Optimization as part of the eMoms Birthday Party Contest (which is turning into a mini Elite Retreat!)
As fate would have it, a perfect synchronization of events have taken place, and I’m thrilled to announce that Search Engine Guide is a new sponsor of […]

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Contest Update :: More Content, More Prizes, More Goodness


I’ve been surprised and extremely grateful that several new people have stepped up to offer some more really great prizes for the eMoms Birthday Party Contest!
Plus, to put this all into context, next week is Search Engine Marketing and Optimization Week.
The week of April 9th, look forward to:

Interviews with Chris Pearson and Sarah Lewis on […]

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Super-Secret Announcements Next Week - Get Ready!


You want to pay attention to this notice:
I have a BIG announcement to make next week. Two of them, in fact (at least I hope I can spill the beans about the second one, I’m waiting for a green light on that!).
What’s the special occasion?
Well, the eMoms at Home One Year Birthday is coming up […]

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eMom is up 20 Points on the Dow


One of the new readers around here contacted me over the weekend and asked my opinion on what stocks I would buy today that would go up this week. I’m not much into the stock market, so I threw out the only company I would buy stock from if I had to buy right now: […]

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Bear With Me


Many of you regular readers have been SO helpful as you send me emails with strange site glitches you have been finding for Sarah and I to fix.
Sadly, a lot of it had to to with being with my old hosting company - and I finally gave them the boot yesterday.
Today, that means until DNS […]

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DNS Weirdness


For those of you who usually visit the site without typing in “www.”, for some reason, you are getting internal server errors today. I’m on the horn with my soon-to-be-ex hosting company figuring it out. (Hopefully you’ve also subscribed to my feed, so that I can get in touch with you this way!)
Sorry for the […]

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