A Note About Paid Reviews on eMoms at Home


With word of mouth marketing ethics questions running rampant online, it is important to disclose my paid review standards for eMoms at Home.

I promise to all readers and companies seeking reviews:

  • I always will require first and foremost that any product or service reviewed is of relevant content quality for this site. If site visitors wouldn’t care about the topic, then it won’t appear on this blog.
  • Disclosure that the review has been paid for is required.
  • I will only write a review in which I am free to write exactly what I think - positive or negative.
  • All reviews will be written in the same tone and format as the rest of the site - in a conversational voice, with a focus on what is in it for the reader, and with a sense of humor.
  • I turn down more paid reviews than I accept. As of nearly one year on this blog, I’ve done only three paid reviews.
  • If you have any questions about these policies, you are free to contact Wendy Piersall and I’ll be happy to give you the information you are seeking.