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Contextual Advertising Experiment - I’m Switching to AdBrite


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Update :: I decided to use AdBrite’s filter, which allows me to use Google Ads unless AdBrite’s page eCPM hits a certain level of earnings. Thus far, there’s not much to report. Stay tuned…
I was feeling a little discontented with my Google AdSense ads lately, especially since I found that I’m not getting paid for all the clicks I am getting (see question #6).

So I’m going to do a little experiment and see if AdBrite outperforms AdSense.

I’m going to kind-of split test AdBrite, by adding them only to my home page, while keeping the Google AdSense ads on the individual post pages.

Here’s the initial pros:

  • I can have unlimited AdBrite ads on a page. I’ve added them above each post on my blog home page, whereas with AdSense, I can only have three. Since they will be sandwiched between posts, they don’t seem that intrusive to me - but if you disagree, I’m certainly open to your feedback!
  • AdBrite’s referral program is more generous than Google’s, so there is a built-in additional revenue stream that is compelling.
  • AdBrite will even rotate my AdSense ads onto my page somehow if they don’t have the ad inventory for my site. Try getting Google to do that - HA!
  • I can set my own minimum payment schedule, meaning you don’t have to wait until you’ve earned $100 in order to get your earnings
  • They have a video ad option - so I can use AdBrite to place ads into any video content you produce (THAT’S COOL!)
  • They have more options than AdSense in regards to serving up ads in general. I could add one of those full page ads like they have all over in between clicks (Don’t worry! I won’t! But it’s nice to have the option if I actually had an appropriate context for it.)
  • I can have more control over my advertisers with AdBrite, with the option of approving all advertisers before they hit my pages. Since this hasn’t been an issue in the past, I’ve placed my settings on auto-approve to open up my inventory to more advertisers. But I can change it at any time.

And cons:

  • Thus far (it’s only been 30 minutes), I’m not impressed with AdBrite’s targeting. I don’t think a lot of you care about “Automated eCommerce Ops” (well, you might be, but it’s such a poorly worded ad I’m having a hard time figuring out what the heck they are selling!). But even AdSense sometimes takes a while to get their targeting accurate.
  • You really can’t beat Google’s brand awareness - but whether or not that turns into more or less clicks is up in the air.
  • Of course, I’m paying a middle-man with AdBrite, but that’s the same with AdSense. Until my own advertising program is up and running, this is a good alternative.

If you sign up with AdBrite, drop me a line - I would be curious to hear about your results with their program.

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    On February 17th, 2007 at 2:34 pm, Gayla McCord said:

    Hi Wendy ~
    I found your little experiment to be worthy of sharing and invited readers who happen on my WAHM Blog to pay you a visit. In the meantime, I’ll offer up my own opinion -

    I use both, I like both - I use Adbrite on the sites where my Adsense might be skewed a bit toward the lower paying ads and set my adbrite to be approved ads only and set my own price.

    For example - I have a website that I have affiliate links on to sell specific products - however, the adense ads that show up are for those same products. It’s either I earn cents per click or as much as $30 per sale. When I’m making over $1,000 per month EACH on two different products, it makes more sense to control my ads with Abrite.

    With this blog being rich in keywords related to blogging, I think Adbrite might be the way to go. If not BlogAds if you can get in with them.

    Good luck

    On February 17th, 2007 at 11:24 pm, Tired but happy said:

    Hey there–
    I also got fed up with Adsense a while back. I kept it, but added Adbrite to my family finance blog. I found that Adbrite was great at first and I earned more money, but the number of advertisers (and the amount they paid me) has steadily declined. Because I can see my Adbrite referrals’ earnings, it looks like they’re having the same experience.

    My new love is Linkworth. No referral program except for advertisers, but I’ve made more money with them in a few months than I have with Adsense in over a year and Adbrite in six months or so.

    Thanks for the useful experiment. I’ll be back to see how it’s going.


    On February 19th, 2007 at 6:52 pm, Blog Bloke said:

    So how’s my favorite eMummy today? I’ve often wondered what’s with the Steve Olsen MyBlogLog ad at the top. Is that a paid ad? Just wondering ’cause I’m a nosy Bloke.

    On February 19th, 2007 at 6:59 pm, Wendy said:

    Ah - it’s my favorite Bloke! :)

    No, Steve isn’t paying for that banner - at least, not yet! It’s a bet we have going on. It was a fun way to get competitive, but still let the altruistic side of myself get a fix. ;)

    Leave a Reply