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If you don’t know about BlogDay, you should. It’s a day to celebrate other bloggers and spread some link love around. I’m going to play by the rules and tell you about 5 great blogs/bloggers - some in my niche, some not.

I want to give a huge thanks and shout out to William Stewart. Will’s blog gives a conservative perspective on the latest political news. (Disclaimer - I don’t talk politics on my blog, so you’ll never know if I agree or disagree with his views ;) ) He also is a talented WordPress designer, because his template, designed by himself, is beauoooootiful!

William is a GREAT guy. I have received one email from him. That’s it. But I know he is a great guy. Want to know why?

Yesterday, I received the following message from him:

“I happened on your blog today and noticed your menu jumps around whenever the mouse is over it. It’s a simple fix that I took the liberty of figuring out….” Then he included the CSS code for me to fix my site. When I talked about Coop-e-tition earlier this week, I wasn’t kidding! THANKS again Will!

I have a great and extraordinarily talented friend here in Chicago, Blagica (pronounced Blah-gee-tsa). I met her when I was a recruiter and I actually placed her into a job with CoolSavings way back when. Nowadays her entreprenurial tendencies have gotten the best of her, and she is working on several very exciting projects from… guess where? Her home. :)

Check out Blagica’s Gal’s Guide: It is the place where you come to find out everything from how to invest in an IRA to where you can find affordable unique clothes on the cheap. It’s the place where you can slowly start building your knowledge base for life after college. It’s the place that will empower you with information in a comfortable and relaxed setting. It’s a place where you’ll read first-hand opinions on reviews on anything in and around Chicago and the wonderful world of online shopping- all from the eyes and ears of guys and gals who were recently in their 20’s.

Rock on, B. Love ya! :)

I made a new friend yesterday. Katiebird came by for a visit and left some really sweet comments. Of course I went to check out her blog right away, and she is a living example of putting her talk into action.

You see, last year Katiebird finally made a decision to do something about her obesity and out of control diabetes. I really connected with her for a reason, and after reading her blog, I knew why. I used be 50 pounds heavier than I am today - and have kept it off for 12 years. Katiebird is leading by example, and creating a commmunity with her blog and her work, to help others benefit from her own painful lessons from the journey.

Keep up the great work! :)

Now I am dutifully going out into the blogosphere to find two more blogs I have never read before to bring my recommendations up to five.
BlogDay fun is now to be continued…

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    On August 31st, 2006 at 2:28 pm, katiebird said:

    Ohhhh. I’m stunned. Thank you, Wendy — I felt that connection too.

    I came here following a link at proBlogger that in no way prepared me for the sort of site you have or the warmth of your personality and the welcome you give every visitor. And when I discovered the link to BlogJolt! Well, I knew for sure I’d found someone very special.

    Now, knowing that you have kept a significant weight loss under control for over 12 years — you are my hero. I hope that I can make that claim someday. Don’t be surprised if I ask you to write something about how you did it someday for Eat4Today (holding myself back from being too pushy)

    Thank you.

    On August 31st, 2006 at 2:32 pm, eMom said:

    No need to push my friend. I had an unconventional approach I’d be happy to share with you and your readers anytime! :)

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