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Winter Craft: Simple Sock Snowman


My daughters had their Girl Scout holiday party yesterday. Since I’m always on the lookout for simple, fun seasonal kids’ activities, I was thrilled they did a craft I could share with you . This craft is not only easy, but made from things you probably have around the house already. They made a snowman out of a sock!

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Here’s What You Need to Make a Sock Snowman:

  • White sock (preferably clean!)
  • 2 cups of rice (uncooked :) )
  • 2 rubber bands
  • 1 ” orange pipe cleaner
  • 10 ” felt strip (any color)
  • Markers

Here’s How to Make a Sock Snowman:

1. Pour one cup of rice into the sock.

2. Tightly wrap rubber band around the middle of the sock to create the base of the snowman and keep the rice from falling out.

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3. Pour another cup of rice into the sock to create the head. No middle on this snowman!

4. Tightly wrap the other rubber band around the top of the sock to create the snowman’s head.

5. Roll the edge of the sock down to create a hat for the snowman and cover the rubber band.

6. Insert the orange piper cleaner into the snowman’s head to create the nose.

7. Tie the felt strip around the snowman’s neck for his scarf.

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8. Use markers to create the snowman’s face, color the hat and add buttons down the snowman’s middle.

This sock snowman is quick, easy and great for one kid or a group of kids to do. Even lots of groups of screaming girl scouts!

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