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Finally, an affordable coaching program
that will increase your productivity,
give you personalized attention, build your business
AND help you grow personally for a
fraction of the cost

of other online Mastermind Groups or
traditional life and business coaching !

If you want to keep your business and life at the status quo, then this program is not for you.

However, if you are committed to:

  • Setting strong New Years Resolutions AND putting a plan in place to legitimately achieve them
  • Getting more accomplished in a 12 week timeframe than you normally would in 6 months
  • Finding TRUE work/life balance
  • Tapping the power of Mastermind Groups
  • And getting outside of your comfort zone in order to life the life you really want…

Then this program is definitely for you. Productivity from the Inside Out offers several solutions for entrepreneurs, business owners and work at home parents:

Accountability. Inspiration. Networking. Mentoring. Support. Success Tools. Business Opportunities.

You don't have to struggle alone in your business. You don't have to pay a small fortune for real results. And you don't have to work all day and night to be successful.

What you need is the right recipe for success and the right environment.

Now, you might have a few questions for me:

How is your program different than the other group coaching programs and Mastermind Groups out there?

This program is based on the things that I have specifically done to take my business and my life from depression and debt to one of happiness and success. But it's not just me - I've helped others to achieve the same results in their lives and businesses as well.

How do I know that you are the real deal? What can you do for me?

I walk my talk. And I haven't always been this way. I understand skepticism and doubt - you're wondering if you should get your hopes up about this program - can it really deliver what it says?

I personally lead each group, and each person gets one on one time in our weekly 2 hour calls. We WILL work on your specific challenges. We WILL work on your specific goals. I guarantee you will increase your productivity and grow both professionally and personally in this 12 week program. If you don't, you get your money back. Period.

Still not convinced?

Then believe what others have to say about working with me:

I am not sure which is greater, Wendy Piersall's heart or her skill. She is a great coach and a great friend. You deserve the best and Wendy is that high quality, high-caliber person. Wendy combines passion and intuitiveness with her remarkable skill to help you navigate the challenges in life.

Brett Gillilan

Wendy genuinely loves to help people. From her experience and training she has much knowledge and many skills. In two sessions I was able to identify and realign my feelings of anger, sadness, fear, hurt, and guilt. I realized through Time Line Therapy many ways of being and thinking can be altered dramatically in a very quick manner without going through months of counseling and digging up the "old stuff". I also addressed my self worth and found what was causing my feeling of unworthiness. I took the learning and let go of the limiting belief, and what a difference. I now feel worthy. I am honoring myself... It is abundantly clear that helping others by doing this work is Wendy's passion. I am very grateful to her for her time and knowledge.

Diane Nagel


But Wendy, do I really need a coaching program or Mastermind Group to get my stuff done? I already know what I need to do to take my business to the next level.

If you really know what to do to take your business to the next level, why aren't you doing it? Raise your hand right now if you know what you SHOULD do become successful, what you NEED to do to become successful and what you MUST to in order to become successful - yet you still don't do it?? Need I say any more?!

Here are a few things you need to know about
Wendy Piersall & Productivity from the Inside Out::

  • Wendy is an accomplished coach and trainer with certifications in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy ® and Hypnotherapy. She has also worked directly for the Anthony Robbins & Associates organization for nearly 3 years.
  • You will get 12 2-hour coaching calls - that's a total of 24 hours of coaching! Value - $2700
  • You will be working closely with a small group of like-minded business owners who will both hold you accountable and offer you their advice and support. This is the power of Mastermind Groups in action!
    Value - $600
  • You will get personalized assignments to support your professional and personal growth. Value - $300
  • You will get LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP access to a private online group forum to for professional networking and mid-week support. Value - $120
  • You will actively get more done in 12 weeks time than you probably would in 6 months :: AND enjoy a sense of work/life balance you almost certainly haven't experienced before! Value - priceless!

Here are FIVE reasons why you should Sign Up for Productivity from the Inside Out Today!

First, this program is guaranteed to work and keep you motivated and productive - you really can reach those New Year's Resolutions!

Second, this is the only way in which you can get one-on-one coaching with Wendy Piersall for such an affordable price

Third, you will get personalized attention in a Mastermind Group setting - you will be able to tap your own potential as well as the wisdom of a an intimate group of 5 other people!

Fourth, you can get all this with a money back guarantee - you truly have nothing to lose!

Fifth, these small groups fill up FAST and I am only selling
55 total
seats to this event
. The course kicks off the week of January 8th, 2007. I won't do another one of these programs until Fall of 2007! Your New Years Resolutions will be forgotten memories by then if you don't commit to doing something now!

Here is the price and what you receive:

My intervention clients pay nearly $5000 to work with me for a full one-on-one in person day of massive transformation. I will use the same technology and approach as I work with you and your groups and you will get a minimum of 24 hours of growth, learning, motivation and productivity coaching for the EARLY BIRD price of only $349

That price is good until December 20th - it will be $399 thereafter!

Additionally, you will receive exclusive access to a closed group forum for networking and mid-week support. Remember the personalized assignments and small format of these groups too - that's hard to find!

if Productivity from the Inside Out doesn't
deliver as promised!

I am so confident that you will get great results from this program that I am willing to offer the following 12 week guarantee! Attend all coaching sessions. Do your assignments. Get your commitments done. Don't just go through the motions. Give it your best shot.

At the end of the twelve weeks, if you aren't satisfied with all that you have accomplished and you haven't met at least some of your goals during your participation in Productivity from the Inside Out, I will give you your money back AND offer you 3 free 45 minute private coaching sessions!

In addition, I offer a standard refund if you find after 3 sessions of Productivity from the Inside Out that the program just isn't for you.


Here is how to order NOW!

Official PayPal Seal

Option 1 :: Order Online via
PayPal Payment Processing

Only $399

Only 55 16 spaces will be sold!!
Course starts the
week of January 8th, 2007!


Option 2 :: Order by Phone

Call 312 674 6979
9:00am to 8:00pm CST


If you feel you've hit the wall, that you have obstacles that you just can't get around, under, or over, like I had, I urge you most emphatically to contact Wendy and avail yourself of her services. Anything you are asked to pay will pale in comparison to the value you receive from her. How many people can you say that about? She is a very talented, compassionate, caring person, who did more for me than I could have ever done for myself, by myself.

Steve Johnson :: TheFastLane.info

Wendy, you absolutely reek of truly sincere passion…..a passion to help others realize a better way of living.....
a passion to lead by example….a passion that I have seen over the last 18 months find direction and flow.

Chris Selvik


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