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Moo Cards Make Great Gift Tags


Now that Halloween is over (finally!) I get to move on to the next season. Being the traditionalist I am, that means Thanksgiving. However, I can’t escape the fact that to retailers everywhere, the next season isn’t about turkeys, but about gift giving. So before I delve into fun Thanksgiving activities to do with your kids, I want to do a little thing on gifts. Or should I say, do a little thing to put on gifts.

As one of the authors here at eMomsatHome.com, I was given a free set of Moo cards. No they weren’t a pack of cards with cows on them. But those are good too! These are MiniCards you can have printed with your favorite photographs and six lines of text on the back. For many (okay, including me!) they are the latest trend in business cards. But they can be so much more.

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Since this is a seasonal kids activities blog, I wanted to share how these MiniCards are, you know, seasonal! Drum roll please. (Of course my title has already given away the perfect seasonal use for MiniCards, but just humor me and play along.)

Moo MiniCards are great for gift tags!

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You can have one image or a hundred images (or some number in between!) printed on these cards with your signature greeting on the back. Frankly, I love the idea of not having to sign the five names in my family every time I wrap a gift! Being the organizational freak that I am, I also like the idea of getting MiniCards with photos of each member of my family on them, and then attaching their respective MiniCards to their gifts. Being the elf who hands out presents on Christmas morning would be so much easier!

So if you too are an organizational freak, or just like the idea of these personalized gift cards, use this discount code H7V7BK by November 30, 2007 to get one set of Moo MiniCards free when you buy two sets. No pressure though! I gain absolutely nothing if you order these MiniCards! (Unless you organize your gifts by photo tag, then I get immense comfort knowing I’m not the only organizational freak out there!)

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