Look Out, I’m NLP Certified and I’m not Afraid to Use it! ;)

Ah - it feels great to be back home and to get back to work!

I just wrapped up a very intense course in which I am now certified as an NLP Practitioner, an NLP Coach, and have all the training I need to get my certifications as a HypnoTherapist and Time Line Therapy Practitioner.

I took this course for several reasons. My primary reason is because my life took a drastic turn for the better when I was the recipient of an NLP intervention in early 2004. I used to live with constant depression, self-sabotage and chronic under-achievement. I had spent nearly 20 years working with different therapists, reading self-help books, and studying different psychological approaches to find a way to get myself healed and whole. It may sound surprising, but my intervention lasted all of 6 hours and I immediately became a different woman :: healed and whole.

That next week, I ended my ongoing therapist appointments. Within 3 months I moved into a new career making 500% more than before. And within 6 months I had learned enough about NLP on my own to start using the approach to ‘pay it forward’ and help others remove their own obstacles to success.
Was my life ‘perfect’ after this intervention? Of course not. Was I suddenly able achieve EVERYTHING I wanted? I was able to do a lot of things, but not everything.

After nearly 3 years, I decided it was time to really understand NLP, to know enough about it to apply it to myself whenever I need it, and to truly take on formal intervention work to be able to help others on a larger scale. The course was far more intense than I had anticipated. I thought I knew a lot about this stuff - there was SO much more to experience. I am a pretty together woman - yet was surprised at how much of my own old limiting beliefs came up this week! But to now have the tools to move through any negative emotion and blast out any limiting belief is the greatest gift and I”m super-excited to apply it in all aspects of my life and business.

So what does this all have to do with eMoms at Home? Well, the class gave me a lot more tools and abilities than I had anticipated. I had previously just planned on incorporating the knowledge into this body of work. Now I know there is so much more I can do with it, so I am taking a few days to put together a new business strategy. For now, I am tending towards launching that personal development blog I had mentioned a couple of weeks ago - along with a new NLP practice perhaps :) .

I would be curious to hear from you wonderful readers on what things you want the most help with - from blogging, to believing in yourselves; from procrastination to overcoming limiting beliefs about how much money you can make - please drop me a comment or an email and let me know what I can help you with. Make it BIG - that if I could actually help you overcome this really challenging problem you have struggled with for years, you would be able to do ANYTHING you wanted.

Yes, THAT big!! Go ahead, tell me about it now! :)

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12 Comments on “Look Out, I’m NLP Certified and I’m not Afraid to Use it! ;)”

  1. Tony D. Clark Says:

    Congrats, Wendy. NLP is a wonder and powerful tool. I’m been using the technologies for many years, though I’m not certified (*certifiable*, maybe ;) ). It’s a great resource for personal change and development.

    I went through seminar a few years back that related the NLP tools to the EQ and Emotional Intelligence concepts. Pretty interesting stuff.

  2. katiebird Says:


    Wow — NLP sounds wonderful but (stupid question alert) WHAT IS IT?

    My goal is to use my Internet/Programming/Writing skills to earn enough money that I can move to San Francisco in 2 years. It’s my home town and I want to go back.

    I don’t have to live in the lap of luxery there. And I don’t even particularly want to own a home there (I don’t think I need the stress of a million dollar mortgage no matter how much I’m making) But I would like a comfortable apartment with enough room for mister and me and an office.

    I’ve got A LOT of ideas for projects. And one of the reasons I like hanging out here is that I feel very at home with your enthusiasm and energy.

    I’d love to talk about some of my ideas. But first, WHAT is NLP?

  3. eMom Says:

    Great question KB - and I’ll likely give you a longer answer in another post (if you are asking, I’m sure that others are too).

    NLP is Neuro Linguistic Programming. It’s the art and science of how the brain codes information, and changing the coding to drastically change your results - from emotions, to likes and dislikes, habits, etc.

    For example, if you like ice cream, you have a certain picture in your mind of ice cream, with a certain focus, brightness, location, etc. You also have certain feelings and/or sounds associated with ice cream. If you hate yogurt, you have a different picture in your mind, most likely in a different location, with a different focus and location (probably dimmer) as well as different feelings and sounds.

    NLP enables you to “code” ice cream the same way as you “code” yogurt - so that you will now dislike them both. It’s a simplistic explanation and of course, there’s way more to it, but it gives you an understanding of how using NLP can basically ‘rewire’ your brain.

    Make sense?? :)

  4. katiebird Says:

    Yes it does. And I think I have a cousin who’s tried (not nearly so well) to explain this to me. At least it sounds like a version of something she talks about now and then. I’ll have to ask her about it.

    Since asking the question (which I probably did too quickly) I found 2 books on NLP at one of our branches and I’ve put holds on them.

    From the descriptions I thought it sounded like Self-Talk. But what you’re talking about sounds very different.

    Very clever of you to use a food example! You must have known how that would draw me right into your web! :)

  5. cjcm Says:

    This is the course I had asked the HR department where I work to enroll me in couple of months back. But unfortunately it didnt materialize due to tight schedule of my work. It would have been great because the company would have paid for it and we can even claim the cost from HR Development Fund…a fund setup by the government for employees training. I hope to have the opportunity to enrol in the future.

    Good thing about NLP is the wide range possible applications even in business….Wendy…you have definitely hit the jackpot…Certified NLP Practitioner can make lots of money if you decide to embark on consulting in NLP.

    Congratulation on your certification.

  6. eMoms at Home » Blog Archive » What is NLP? Says:

    […] If you followed my directions correctly - you will find that you added at least some (or perhaps a TON) of motivation to a state that once made you feel lazy. And you may, like I used to, dismiss this exercise as something so simple that it couldn’t work - yet as you try it now, you’ll find that indeed it does work - and it just may surprise you as to how WELL it works!! That’s just one example of how the use NLP can change your experience. It’s uses are as varied as the individuals on this planet. It has applications in therapeutic processes, in HR (as CJCM rightly pointed out), in sales, in relationships, and… believe it or not, in home businesses too (bet you saw that one coming!! ). […]

  7. Kammie K. Says:


    Congrats on the NLP cert…I know a bit about it and am interested in learning more about it. I’ll e-mail you ofline and would love to get some NLP 101 resources from you!

    Good going lady!


  8. eMoms at Home » Blog Archive » On Becoming a Top Blogger Vs. Building a Successful Business Says:

    […] Transition the following intention: From :: “I want to take my blog and business to the next level” To :: “There is ALWAYS another level :: What can I do to consistently prepare for and foster growth?”This one may sound anal and like I’m being too much of an overachiever. And it sounds like a lot of work. But one of the biggest lessons learned in my NLP course is that change is so simple and so easy, if you can 1) access the right resources and 2) you have a recipe for success. […]

  9. Mark Says:

    Hi just read your post on becoming a NLP practioner well done, been following this way of doing things for a few months now not at your level of course mainly by seeing other people who practise it and reading a book and finding articles on line, it sounds like your problems are similar to mine self sabotage, under achieving, depression, but Im looking for solutions to my limiting beliefs as well, good look with your new life and blog wish you great sucess and make those images brighter lol bye now,

  10. Andreas Says:

    Great going. Just came across here by chance (via Technorati). Finished my NLP Trainer Cert in Australia, with Tad James. I have to agree. NLP changes life. It changed mine dramatically, and now I am ready to open my own NLP consulting business. Yeah. There is nothing better than seeing people transform magically. Keep going!

    As your story is great, i will link to it from my blog, if I may.

  11. Joshua Ng Says:

    well done on the information on NLP. I feel that the malaysian society should be more exposed to motivational program such as this as it may help a lot in the benefits of the nation as a whole. NLP can be used to help drugs addicts or even smokers to quit their habits. I won;t say that this is hypnotism but rather a science of success. I personally haven;t been exposed to NLP but i’m really interested in knowing more about it since i’ve also participted in the UPW by Anthony Robbins and it;’s great to know that he himself changed because of NLP as well. Do update me on any possible seminar or workshop k? Goodluck

  12. eMom Says:

    Andreas - How exciting that you trained with Tad himself. My NLP teacher spent 6 weeks with Tad this last summer obtaining his train the trainer certifications. I would like to take my Master Pracitioner certification with Tad depending on dates/locations he is offering it in ‘07! And thanks for the link as well - hope to bump into you again soon!

    Joshua, I’ll def keep you posted and I share your passion for Tony Robbins - LOVED the firewalk!!! :) Please drop by again!