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I’ve been really enjoying getting to know my fellow bloggers since I made the decision to jump into this blog full force. There are some really amazing people out there doing some really amazing things! I found a little gem recently called The Mindful Entrepreneur (LOVE that name!!). Jason Clegg and I share inspiration from the same blogs we love - and probably also a bit of the same life purpose, too!

Jason also has a good background in working from home - in college, he started and ran a thriving bookselling site from home (dorm room, perhaps??). In fact, if you want to know more about doing that yourself, he has his own information product out there called appropriately enough, “Make Money at Home Selling Books Online“.

For many of my readers, though, I believe you want to write your own information product. Well, look no further for help on this, dear readers! Because Jason has written a two part series called 10 Steps to Writing an eBook. Part 1, Part 2. Nice and simple instructions to getting your project off of the ground!

I have subscribed to Jason’s FeedBurner feed, and love staying on top of his work. I just wish he would write more of it! :)

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