Working at Home is a Love Hate Thing…

Well, maybe “hate” is too strong of a word.

But here are the things I L-O-V-E about working from home, and the things that kind of suck.

I Love:

  1. Being able to follow my dreams in my own business
  2. Having so much extra time with my kids when they are little
  3. Finding so many ways to add value to people’s lives through my business
  4. Setting aside time every week to take the kids to the farmer’s market, the library, the pool in the summertime and sledding in the wintertime
  5. Being able to go boating frequently because I don’t need my weekends to get caught up on “life stuff”
  6. The ability to meet my husband for lunch whenever I darn well feel like it
  7. Getting the chance to get to know so many other work at home professionals who I learn from every day
  8. Actually having a schedule that allows for sick kids, soccer games, and a quick trip to Target just for fun (I would marry Target if it were a man!)
  9. Having time to volunteer for CIMA events and projects
  10. Being able to transform two prior business letdowns into a really wonderful gift for others

I really don’t love:

  1. Tracking business expenses. Boring!
  2. Business taxes. Just the thought makes me feel guilty, even though I haven’t done anything wrong!
  3. Not socializing and networking in person with other adults on a regular basis
  4. Cash flow - and lack of it at times
  5. Dealing with technical issues. I want to write and promote, dammit!
  6. Having to tell my kids I’m too busy to play with them right now
  7. Having to work on a big project in a house that is messy at times. I can’t focus!
  8. Kids fighting in the background when I am on the phone with an important person
  9. Not getting into downtown Chicago very much anymore (I love downtown!)
  10. Getting sucked into reading too many blogs when I need to be working!

But it’s ALL worth it because:

  1. My kids hands down prefer that I am here with them rather than being in school/daycare (and they really like school and daycare!!)
  2. I am making a difference in people’s lives with the content I am writing and the coaching/mentoring I am doing
  3. I am finally doing the job/career I was put on this earth to do
  4. My husband and I have a great relationship that I have more time to enjoy
  5. I get to hug, tickle, laugh with and hug my kids whenever I want (did I mention hug?)
  6. I have the time to take on projects that contribute to the communities I participate in
  7. I have more balance in my life than I have ever experienced before
  8. Every career move I have made, every mistake I have made, and every problem I have had in the past are now all of my most valuable assets and I cherish them
  9. My life is in line with my highest purpose, which took a l-o-n-g time to build up the courage to do
  10. I am in a position to help others do exactly the same thing!
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2 Comments on “Working at Home is a Love Hate Thing…”

  1. yecy Says:

    I have been working at home for more than 11 years, which has giving me the opportunities to see my kids grow up. Although sometimes I wish I had a normal job and get away for at least 4 hours. The rest has been a blessing. My family is really close, so I guess it has all been worth it.

  2. eMom Says:

    Yecy - I know! I have to say I do love getting out of the house, and I do love the professional challenges in an out-of-house career. But you’re right - finding the value in our decisions is a great thing to do! :)