Leverage to Stay Focused when Starting a Home-Based Business

I found a really interesting new site today thanks to our dear friend Google. It’s WinBig.org. I found it because I just joined a Mastermind Group, and in doing some work for my fellow participants, I found his link. WinBig has a series of programs for business growth, leadership training, and, not surprisingly, Mastermind groups! Particularly intriguing is his free Six Steps to SuperGrowth - a 6-CD set audio program. I’m downloading as I type. [Check out the comment on this entry below to get the package for FREE!!]

You may be wondering what a Mastermind group is. Each week, for 16 weeks, we get together with our group of 3-4 people, and publically make known what we are committing to do within the next 7 days. These are commitments above and beyond what we are currently committed to. We also then impose our own consequences. I don’t mean light consequences, either - these have to be REALLY PAINFUL consequences. Such as, two of the women in my group have committed to giving each of the other participants $100 if they don’t do what they say they are going to do. Another said she would have to go without makeup for a week. I said I would have to grow out my usually well hidden moustache - and don’t forget, I am a woman ;) .

This is just the leverage I need to move ahead on all of my new home-based business projects. I’m already through 5 of my 11 commitments and we just started yesterday. But I’ll also admit that I took the easy ones out first!

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One Comment on “Leverage to Stay Focused when Starting a Home-Based Business”

  1. Mike Kramer Says:

    Hi, My name is Mike Kramer. I’m creator of the WinBig.org website. I noticed traffic from your blog and thought I would check out your page. I love it!

    One little clarification: my Six Steps to SuperGrowth Audio Program was free April and May, but it is back to $46. However, because you liked it so much — your readers can still have it free of charge. Just enter the secret cod CARY in the coupon-code field and the price will be reduced to $0 It’s my gift to you and your readers. Thanks! Mike